personal rehabilitation

The ICone is a revolutionary robotic platform for the personalized and intensive therapy of neurologic patients, either in their acute phase, i.e. soon after a stroke event, or in the chronic phase, i.e. after several months from the event.

The ICone is the only full-featured robotic system that can be used at hospitals and clinics as well as at community centers, clinics and even at home.

Designed according to the latest scientific evidences about the effectiveness of robot-assisted rehabilitation therapy, the ICONE provides interactive and challenging games continuously adapting to patient’s status.

Embedded sensors continuously monitor patient’s performance and quantitatively assess therapy progress. The ICONE provides a motivational feedback to patients and objective information to clinicians both based on objective data.


The main parameters of the interactive exercises can be customized for a specific patient using the graphical interface based on the multi-touch display.

All data are stored for later post-processing. Information can be accessed also remotely using web and mobile technologies. ICONE systems can be networked and remotely operated.

Clinicians can easily customize treatments according to evidence-based protocols.


Thanks to its patent pending robotic technology, the ICONE is the only all-in-one and plug-and-play rehabilitation system. Thanks to its extreme portability the system can be used anywhere, it requires minimal space and can be easily transported using its
wheeled case: the optimal solution for clinicians, researchers and private users.


Patients’ details, including custom exercise parameters, are easily managed through the modular ICONE software suite. Two active degrees of freedom, adaptive interaction control, full force sensing capabilities and easy programmability allow clinicians to adopt any therapeutic protocol involving elbow flexion-extension, shoulder protraction-retraction, internal-external rotation, flexion-extension and abduction-adduction.

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